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Helping Bring Your Financial and Life Goals Together

Financial Planning

We believe that the financial issues we face today are often interconnected and must be managed as a group. Comprehensive financial planning requires you to think through the full range of financial challenges you and your family face, and develop optimal solutions that work in a coordinated manner.
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50 Years of combined Financial Experience

Why Choose IPA?

Investment Planning Advisors was founded in 2001 with the vision of building relationships with our clients and experiencing the joys of their success. We operate as an independent financial planning firm with over 50 years of combined financial service experience. Our financial advisors provide unbiased and objective advice. We listen to what your goals and dreams are, and work with you over the years to help you achieve those goals and dreams.

Our Specialties

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Insurance Planning

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Business Planning

Education Planning

Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

SmartVestor Pro

Investment Planning Advisors is dedicated to helping clients achieve financial success through Dave Ramsey’s principles and education. We specialize in retirement, debt elimination and legacy planning. As an Endorsed Local Provider and SmartVestor Pro for over 20 years, we are proud to serve North Georgia.

Our Team

About IPA

Our team is dedicated to providing transparent and understandable information on financial advisor compensation, while helping clients reach their financial goals. We value Compassion, Integrity, Independence and Commitment in our work and strive to build long-term relationships with our clients.