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Welcome to the IPA Newsletter series. This educational series is intended to help you better understand your financial life as it relates to investing and retirement planning. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously, not just to build plans and manage investments, but to educate and keep you informed.  

Each article will keep the reader’s perspective in mind by providing examples and plain language definitions. Often times, financial education is presented with a lot of acronyms, abbreviations, and industry specific jargon. It’s our goal to cut through the noise and provide you with concise updates on our investment management and financial planning tips that apply to you. 

And remember, our intent is simple, if by reading the articles you take a little more time to think about your retirement plan, you may get one small step closer to achieving your financial goals.

Article History




September: Diversification: Fact and Fiction


October: Roth Conversions
November: Offense wins Games, Defense wins Championships




February: Rollovers and Transfer