Investment Planning Advisors

Forsyth County Parntership


We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Forsyth County and Investment Planning Advisors, a leading firm of independent financial planners.

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This partnership will offer county employees the opportunity to receive personalized financial plans that align with their goals and needs.

Investment Planning Advisors will work with each employee to assess their current financial situation, identify their objectives, and create a customized plan that suits their budget and lifestyle. Whether you are saving for retirement, college, or a major purchase, Investment Planning Advisors can help you achieve your financial dreams.

We have received a variety of questions related to the Financial Planning Program that is currently being offered to all eligible Forsyth County employees. We wanted to provide some further clarification around the program and address some specific questions we have been hearing.

Q. Is there a cost associated with this service to any employee that participates?

A. No, the services are completely covered by Forsyth County. There will be no cost to the employee.

Q. Will the Financial Planner try to sell me an annuity or push me to transfer my investments to their management?

A. No, The program strictly prohibits the sale of any investment products or asset management. Forsyth County’s first priority is ensuring its employees’ financial health is taken care of. They are offering only planning services. Any investment-related advice given will provide no compensation to the advisor.

Also, Investment Planning Advisors does not offer annuities or commissionable products to any client.

Q. Is the advisor we will be meeting with a fiduciary?

A. Yes, all the advisors that you will meet with are Fiduciaries. Being a fiduciary means always putting our clients’ best interests above our own.

Q. Are the advisors Certified Financial Planner®?

A. Yes, any advisor you meet with holds the Certified Financial Planner® designation.