Planning Portal

RightCapital is a comprehensive financial planning software. The software presents the financial plan with interactive, easy-to-use tools. RightCapital’s system uses complex and robust models to solve a client’s problems, but presents the results in simple and intuitive ways.

IPA uses RightCapital to display your financial plan and stay current with your financial picture. RightCapital can be used as a central hub for your financial life. Our goal is to factor in all the aspects of your financial life into the software for planning purposes. 

Your may use the account aggregation feature of RightCapital to link your bank accounts, loans, employer sponsored retirement plans, and  any externally-held investment accounts into the software. The link feature will keep your information current without having to manually update every account. In addition, your login to RightCapital contains a secure document vault for passing information to your advisor. The Document Vault is an excellent way to facilitate collaboration with your advisor and reference for future planning. See the video and Frequently Asked Questions below for more information. 

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How to Reset Your Password

  1. On the RightCapital login page (, click “Forgot the password?”
  2. Type in your email address then click “Send Reset Email.”
  3. A link to reset your password will be sent to the email that you entered. In the email, click the “Reset your password” link.
  4. On the “Set a New Password” screen, enter in your email address and your new password then click “Reset Password.” The password entered is your new password.

How to Upload Documents to the Vault

  1. Click on the wheel icon in the top right corner.  
  2. Click Vault in the drop down Menu
  3. Select ‘Add File’ and upload documents to the Shared Folder. 

How to add Family Members to you Profile

  1. Click on existing Family members to verify the name and date of birth is correct.
    1. If incorrect, update the information and click ‘Save’
  2. Adding Family Members
    1. If you need to add a child, grandchild, or other family member click the “add participant” bar on the right side
      1. Choose relationship
      2. Fill in their information and click ‘Save’

How to Link Accounts to your Profile

  1. Click “Link Account”
  2. Find the organization your trying to link by typing the website URL or web address into the search field. This is the web address you use to login directly to that organization. Some of the major financial institutions will display as images that can be chosen for quick linking.
    1. The website URL will begin populating common searches as you type. In many cases, you don’t have to type the full web address.
  3. Enter in your login information for your online account with this provider and click “Connect”
    1. For information on security:
  4. A page will display that says Successful. Click ‘Done’. However, it will take a few minutes to load the information. You will see the Net Worth figure adjust if successful.
    1. Most financial organizations are compatible, but some are not. If the link fails to read your account, please try no more than 3 attempts at linking if you are certain the Username/Password is correct.
    2. Some organizations will require Two-Step Verification. Please read carefully to send a code to your phone or email if needed.
  5. Repeat for each additional account

See below for more detailed instructions:

Right Capital Linking Accounts