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Our success is built from our emphasis on personalized attention, superior service and providing a comprehensive road-map to guide you through the years. We take the time to learn about your important goals and discuss all of the different components of your financial life. Our desire is to work with our clients through the years in helping them achieve their financial goals.


We are proud to offer comprehensive investment management solutions tailored to meet your unique circumstances and personal financial goals. We take special care to ensure that your investment strategy is integrated with all aspects of your financial plan. We carefully plan for an appropriate amount of risk/reward for your goals, building a results-focused portfolio of investments that will help get you to your financial objectives.


At Investment Planning Advisors, we believe clear financial planning is the cornerstone of financial success. Whether you are saving for retirement, you are already retired or you have some specific financial concerns, our team of independent financial advisors will draw on their experience and expertise to devise solutions to help you meet your goals.


We understand that throughout your life you will have questions regarding your finances that might not be directly related to your long term financial plan or your investment accounts. These questions can cover a larger number of topics. Part of our job as financial planners is to be a sounding board for you when those questions arise. You will always have access to us to address any questions, large or small, you might have.

Customized Investment Program

Investment Management

Our investment management service is based on constant and open communication and collaboration with our clients. Through regularly scheduled reporting and conversations, we ensure that your asset management plans are continually reviewed, revised and updated to meet your changing circumstances.

We collaborate with our clients to devise, implement and manage a customized investment program that is designed specifically for you and that is consistent with both your overall financial plan and your risk profile. We seek to manage risk by diversifying broadly, both within and across asset classes, industries and geographical locations.

You can expect Investment Planning Advisors to help you choose your optimal asset mix that best fits your plan, taking into account asset allocation, tax planning, risk analysis, ongoing monitoring and performance measurement.

The Foundation of Your Financial Plan

Financial Planning

A well-grounded financial plan is essential for anyone who wishes to accomplish specific financial objectives. Cookie cutters don’t work for us – and we believe they don’t serve the interest of our clients either.

Through our systematic process, we’ll create a personalized holistic plan – for the short, intermediate and long-term – that will help fulfill your overall financial strategy.

Our planning process is intensive, and we do it using a consultative and interactive approach. Each session brings us closer to helping you achieve the financial objectives that we set out together.

From total-care plans for the spectrum of your life to targeted areas of concern, we’ll help you identify key goals, replacing emotional guesswork with informed clarity, so that you can make the best choices for you and your family.

The foundation of your financial plan is rooted in your unique goals and objectives and may encompass some or all of the following components: Investing, Tax planning, Insurance planning, Retirement planning, Estate planning, and much more.

Customized Investment Program


As fiduciaries for our clients, our job does not stop at helping develop complete financial plans and investment strategies, but extends to all aspects of your financial life. A fiduciary is someone who must put your interests first. Not only because it’s the right thing to do. But because it is legally required!

A “fiduciary” is defined as one who obligates himself or herself to act on behalf of another and assumes a duty to act in good faith and care, candor, and loyalty in fulfilling its obligations. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor, Investment Planning Advisors acts as your legal fiduciary. We are required to work in your best interests at all times.

Unlike advisors who are only required to sell you something “suitable” at the time of sale, who have no ongoing duty to make sure your needs didn’t change, we must always put your interests above our own. No matter the circumstances or questions, you can expect us to act as fiduciaries at all times.


IPA Service Path Steps

Step 0

Meeting Prep

Meeting Prep allows us to make the best use of our time when we meet.

We encourage all prospective clients to complete a basic financial profile prior to the first meeting. This ensures we make the best use of our mutual time.

The financial profile submission enables the first meeting to be more conversational, and less data-centric.

Step 1

Introductory Meeting

Making sure you understand what we do and that we fully understand your current situation and goals.

The objective of this meeting is twofold:

  1. To make sure you understand what we do.
  2. To make sure we have a clear understanding of your current situation and goals.

We explain, in plain language, how we are compensated, how our service paths apply to you, and what we recommend as your next step.

Step 2


Gathering additional information, so we can get the complete picture of your financial situation.

Prior to the second meeting, we will be communicating with you to fill in blanks and gather additional information, so we can get the complete picture of your financial situation. We have a secure, easy-to-use Financial Planning portal to help facilitate this step and get your plan started!

Step 3

Plan Review

Clearly illustrating the probability of you reaching your goals and how we recommend you get there.

For the second meeting, we will have a first draft of the plan ready for collaboration and review. We clearly illustrate the probability of you reaching your goals and what actions we recommend to help you get there.

During the meeting, we will address “what if” scenarios applicable to your plan and make adjustments to your plan as needed. You will leave this meeting with a priority list of 3-5 action items that will put you on a better financial path towards your goals!

Step 4


Coordinating the whole process with you and refining the financial plan.

Once you agree to work with us, we begin to coordinate the process of establishing the agreed upon plan. This will include processing transfers, rollovers, and contributions or distributions. We align the investments in accordance with the strategy tailored to your financial plan.

We may implement the recommendations or serve as your “coach”, coordinating the whole process with you and other professionals such as attorneys, accountants, or insurance agents.

Step 5


Reviewing your plan and portfolio to ensure you remain on target and consistent with your goals.

Once your plan is in place, the work does not stop there. We understand that your life changes and we make sure your plan and investments reflect that.

We keep an open line of communication with our clients, providing regular updates to measure your financial progress, as well as regular meetings to review and update your financial plan.